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Troubleshooting Tips



Map View


  • Not all layers are available to all users, depending on your User Roles and Permissionsand whether your area is part of our Participating Jurisdictions.

  • Some map layers only display when zoomed into a larger scale. Try zooming in a few levels and see if the layers display.

  • Be patient, data can sometimes take a while to appear.

  • If the points or polygons are taking a while to load on the map, try turning off all layers, zooming in to the location you are interested in, and then turn on your point or polygon layers.

Data Entry


  • If you are unable to enter or edit data in iMapInvasives, one of the reasons may be due to your User Roles and Permissionsand whether your area is part of our Participating Jurisdictions.

  • Once a presence record is confirmed by either the state administrator or a project leader, that record is now locked and uneditable. In order to edit your confirmed observation record, contact your state administrator and request that the record be unconfirmed so that you can make any necessary edits.

  • Having trouble saving your record or drawing polygons? Perhaps it's due to the browser you’re using. FireFox, Chrome, and Safari are preferred web browsers. Older versions of Internet Explorer (older than IE 10) are not compatible with iMapInvasives.

  • Need to move the location of your presence record?  Check out this quick tutorial on editing the location of a presence point. 

User Login


  • If you’ve forgotten the email associated with your account, contact your state administrator for help. 

  • If you’ve forgotten your password, go to the login page and click on “Forgot Password?” and follow the prompts. An email will be sent to you with a link to reset your password.

  • Sometimes the email address linked to your user account is out-of-date (e.g., the email address on file is from a previous job and is no longer active). In this case, you will need to contact your state administrator directly so he or she can change the email associated with your account.

General Inquiries


  • After a version update, you must clear your browser’s cache before logging on to iMap. An easy keyboard shortcut is ctrl + shift + delete and select "clear your cache". After your browser has cleared the cache, refresh the page by hitting the F5 key or using the refresh button on your browser.

  • Look at the documents under the Help and Resources tab  and read the FAQs to see if your question can be answered.

  • When reporting any issues to your Data Administrator, be as detailed as possible when describing what you were doing. Screenshots and URLs are very helpful, as are step-by-step descriptions of what you were doing before the issue occurred.

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