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European Frog-bit

European Frog-Bit

(Hydrocharis morsus-ranae)

Mobile Tools

Report your sightings of invasive species with your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device by choosing from the four different methods listed below.

iMapInvasives mobile
iMap Mobile App
(Android & iPhone)

The iMapMobile app allows for quick and easy invasive species reporting for citizen scientists and natural resource professionals. With iMapMobile, you can report invasive species locations to your online iMapInvasives account by using your mobile device's camera and GPS, even when you're out of connectivity range. You need to have an active iMapInvasives account in a participating state or province for your iMapMobile observations to sync. (Sign up for a free iMapInvasives account here.) After submitting a batch of records, be sure to log into iMapInvasives when you're back at your computer to add additional photos and comments to each observation record.

iMapInvasives Survey123
(Android & iPhone)


NatureServe has developed a comprehensive form for entering Presence, Not-detected, and Treatment records into iMapInvasives within esri's Survey123 app. With iMapInvasives Survey123, you can report invasive species observations as points, lines, and polygons using your mobile device's GPS, even when you're out of connectivity range. Users should sign up for a free iMapInvasives account before submitting records. Records may take up to one hour to be visible in iMapInvasives after uploading.

Smartphone and Tablet Browser-Based Mapping
(Android & iPhone)


Use your smartphone or tablet's internet browser to log into iMapInvasives when you have data connectivity. iMapInvasives is responsive to different screen sizes and mobile devices. You can view and create records directly into iMapInvasives right from your mobile device.

iNaturalist logo
(Android & iPhone)

Use the power of iNaturalist to record observations of any organism you find, whether it's a native, non-native, or invasive species. Invasive species data entered into iNaturalist via an iMapInvasives project will be uploaded into iMapInvasives after quality control checks are completed.


Please note that at this time, Arizona, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Saskatchewan each have an iMapInvasives project set up in iNaturalist. For other jurisdictions, you can join the iMapinvasives: USA and Canada project.

Follow the steps below to add data into an iMapInvasives project on iNaturalist:


1. Download the iNaturalist app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.  

2. Create an account.  (It would be helpful to use your iMapInvasives username.)

3. Under Projects, join the appropriate state's iMapInvasives project.  Choose from AZ, NY, OR, PA, or SK custom projects, or the iMapInvasives: USA and Canada project for other jurisdictions.   

4. Add observations!  For each record you enter, take a photo and select the appropriate project to include your record in.  (Be sure to click the Save icon.)

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