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Help and Resources

The iMapInvasives database was developed as a mechanism for natural resource professionals and citizen scientists alike to track and record information on invasive species.  As such, iMapInvasives offers a variety of tools and functions to fulfill this purpose for each of its many users. These resources aide in furthering an understanding of the broad applications that iMapInvasives possesses in regards to invasive species management.  


In addition to the main functions provided by the iMapInvasives database, additional resources can be found here on our website to aide registered users in their use of iMapInvasives.  


Help resources include:



All resources are available to any registered user of iMapInvasives and to those individuals seeking information to become more familiar with the database.


For any specific questions you have that are not answered by the resources provided on our website, please Contact Us.

Common Reed

Common Reed

(Phragmites australis ssp. australis)

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