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User Roles and Permissions


Access to iMapInvasives is tiered by user roles and permissions. The types of data and features you will have access to on iMapInvasives depends on which roles and permissions your account has been given. 


Some features of iMapInvasives are available without a user account, but most functionality can only be accessed by creating an account. Once you have an account, your level of access to different features depends both on your user roles and permissions and whether your jurisdicion is a member of the iMapInvasives Network.

Most of the features of iMapInvasives are only available to users within our Participating Jurisdictions. If you are interested in starting an iMapInvasives program in your area, see Becoming Part of the Network. 


A basic overview of the most common user roles can be found in our Overview of User Roles document.


Additional permissions may be granted based on whether or not you are part of an agency or organization, a project administrator, or a taxonomic expert helping to confirm invasive species sightings. You can request additional privileges on Your Account page.

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