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Searched Area Record


A Searched Area documents the area where you looked for invasive species. Every record in iMapInvasives is associated with a searched area. Searched areas can be associated with one or many Presence, Not-detected, or Treatment records. They can contain information about the site, landscape conditions, weather, crew, survey methodology, and much more.

A Searched Area polygon from iMapInvasives that outlines East Caroga Lake in New York.

Creating a Searched Area

At times this record is created for you if you are using the record creator to create a Presence, Not-detected, or Treatment record. iMapInvasives will buffer your record by a small amount to create the associated Searched Area record. When you have completed creating your Presence, Not-detected, or Treatment record the summary will provide you with a link to the Searched Area record that you can open and edit to add additional information about your search. 


When you use the Multi-Record Searched Area create record workflow, you will start by drawing your Searched Area yourself. When creating a Searched Area record, a user draws a polygon around the area that was searched and then optionally describes the specifics of their search (directions, amount of people in crew, paid vs. volunteer, weather conditions, etc.). Here is an example of the types of information you can record for your Searched Area:


Creating a Survey
Details of an iMapInvasies Searched Area record such as Survey type: Terrestral; Ownership: Public; Sampling method: Visual.

Editing a Searched Area

Searched Areas can be edited at any time by the person who created the record or by administrators with the required permissions, unless the record has been deleted by an administrator.


Viewing and Querying Searched Areas

Searched Areas will visually appear on the iMapInvasives map once you have zoomed in to an area of interest. Due to the slow drawing speed for the Searched Area polygons, they do not display at smaller scales. Once they draw on the map, you can click on a record to identify it, and click "Details" in the resulting table to open the record.

The Filter Record tool will apply to the Searched Area layer in addition to the Presence, Not-Detected, and Treatment records.

You can also search for specific Searched Area records by entering its record ID into the Find Record tool from the map.

Downloading Searched Areas

You can use the Export tool from the iMapInvasives map to download a geodatabase of Searched Areas. See the Downloading Data section of this manual and iMapInvasives Terms of Use for further information about data download.

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