Downloading Data


Due to the iMapInvasives sharing principles and use agreements, downloading data from the iMapInvasives site is restricted by several factors. Restrictions were put in place to make iMapInvasives a “safe” place to share sensitive invasive species data. Data sharing agreements vary by state/province. Some programs may widely share and distribute all their data, as all partners have agreed to allow data sharing. Others may be much more restricted as partners do not have permission to widely share records and may allow view-only access to logged in iMapInvasives users.


Factors that determine your download access include: your user level; your data “ownership” (records you have created or that someone has created in your name); projects you are involved in; whether you are a treatment lead contact; data sharing agreements from bulk upload data partners; and for Level 9 users, your assigned geography.


You can see what download options you have available by scrolling down to the My iMapInvasives Data section of the home page. What you see here will depend on all the factors listed above, but primarily these are limited by your User Level.


If you would like to increase your User Level, contact your iMapInvasives Administrator. A link to their email address is in the footer of each iMapInvasives page.


At the lowest level of download access (user level 2), you are able to download observation points that you submitted or that someone created in your name. Choose your preferred format from the Download My Observation Data drop-down. You can select either a file geodatabase (.gdb, for use in a GIS program such as ArcGIS, qGIS, or Garmin BaseCamp) or a comma-delimited file (.csv, which can be opened in many database or spreadsheet programs such as MS Access or Google Sheets, or this can be converted to a GIS file using the latitude and longitude fields).


Polygon record types (Assessments, treatments, surveys, and Infestation Managements) are all provided as file geodatabases (.gdb, for use in a GIS program such as ArcGIS, qGIS, or Garmin BaseCamp). These are all restricted to records that you have entered, someone has entered for you, or that you otherwise have permission to access as a project lead,  treatment lead, or organization lead.


The most permissive download for iMap users is a Level 9 Geographic Download. These are only available in areas where data sharing agreements are in place to allow a Level 9 user to download all observation records in a given geography, such as a county, watershed, or management area. You will need to contact your iMap Administrator to let them know what geography you are interested in. They will then check with all contributors within that geography to be sure data download permission can be granted. Administrators can also block certain records from being downloadable by any users. Due to the complexity of this level of access, geographic download may not be available in all areas.


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