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Downloading Data


Much of the data in iMapInvasives is available for export to users. You will need to be logged in to in order to create exports. Records can be exported to tabular (.csv) or spatial (shapefile or geodatabase) files.

To export records, log in to iMapInvasives. From the map page, zoom in to your area of interest. Apply filters to show just your records of interest using the Filter Records button (e.g. one or more species of interest; just plants; just aquatic). Then click the Export button to access options for exporting records.

The default of the Export tool is to export all permissible in the current map extent. If you click the Boundary radio button, you will have options to export by a set geography such as state or county, or by drawing a custom polygon. 

How to Export Records by Custom Polygon

Limitations of Exports

In order to prevent large exports from dominating resources, there is a 10,000 record limit for each export. If you are interested in exporting larger amounts of data, you can either create several exports (for separate species or different geographic areas, for example) or you can contact your Jurisdiction Administrator, who may be able to create a custom export for you.

Due to the iMapInvasives sharing principles and use agreements, downloading data from the iMapInvasives site may be restricted by several factors. Factors that determine your download access include: your home jurisdiction; your membership in any organizations or projects; and whether you are an organization or project administrator. Individual records may also be excluded from exports due to record confidentiality.

Learn more about user roles and permissions

Citation and Terms of Use

If you are considering using iMapInvasives data in products that will be shared with others, please refer to the iMapInvasives Terms of Use.

The following citation must be used in any published materials that reference this website or the Content found within: 


iMapInvasives: NatureServe’s online data system supporting strategic invasive species management. © [year], NatureServe. Available at (Date accessed: [dd,mm,yyyy].) 


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