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Introduction to iMapInvasives

This manual has been designed to provide users with a comprehensive account of all the available features on iMapInvasives - an online, GIS-based data management system that assists all those working to safeguard environmental resources from the effects of invasive species including citizens, volunteers, natural and agricultural resource managers, as well as scientists, program administrators, and policy makers.

This manual covers a broad range of topics, and is meant to serve as a universal user manual for all users within the iMapInvasives network. Any state/provincial-specific standards or procedures provided by your local iMapInvasives program will supersede the guidelines set out within this document.


The document is structured around the four data types stored within iMapInvasives: Presence, Not Detected, Treatment, and Searched Area. Within each of these data types, you will find detailed and visual instructions on how to create, edit, or view records. In addition, descriptions and instructions are provided on other iMapInvasives features, including Projects, Email Alerts, Downloading Data, Custom Observation Query, and Troubleshooting Tips.

Access to the many features of iMapInvasives is based on each users' roles and permissions, and whether your jurisdiction is part of the Participating Jurisdictions that make up the iMapInvasives Network. While all are welcome to create an iMapInvasives account, full functionality of the iMapInvasives program is only available within those participating jurisdictions. If you are in an area that is not yet part of the iMapInvasives Network, learn more about starting a program at Become a Part of the Network.
If you have further questions about iMapInvasives functionality, need state/provincial-specific guidance, or have other queries, contact your iMapInvasives state/province administrator.


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