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Can I view all iMapInvasives data at once?

Yes and no. Drawing a large amount of data on a screen at one time is a drain on computing resources and drastically slows down viewing and querying data on the iMapInvasives map. For this reason, when you are zoomed out to a large area on the map, the exact point and polygon records stored in iMapInvasives are summarized to a hexagon layer. A hexagon with a larger circle represents an area with more records, while smaller circles represents fewer records.

iMapInvasives also provides Web Map Services which can be used with your own GIS programs such as ArcMap and Google Earth. This may be a better method for viewing large numbers of records at large scales.

As far as downloading records, users can download up to 10,000 records at a time. This number is set to limit the drain on resources to other users and prevent the site from being bogged down by large requests. If you need a large amount of data you can download smaller amounts at a time, or you can contact your iMapInvasives Administrator for a custom export.

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