Web Map Services


A Web Map Service is a way to make maps available through the internet for use in different mapping platforms. iMapInvasives has developed several services to make it easier for you to view and use this vast dataset. While you can view all data from within the iMapInvasives website itself, there are limits on how many records can be shown at once through the website in order to prevent the site from getting slowed down or locked up for other users. If you're interested in looking at a large amount of iMapInvasives at once, consider using one of our Web Map Services. 


Open the List of Web Map Services (WMS) and click on the one you would like to add to your mapping platform. You can gain access to more layers by using the Login button at the top of this page and entering your iMapInvasives username and password. At the top of the service's page is a list of platforms such as Google Earth, ArcMap, and ArcGIS Online. Click on your platform of choice to download a file. Then, open your mapping platform and add the file to view the service.


For example, if you would like to use the Web Map Service for public presence records in ArcMap, go to https://imapinvasives.natureserve.org/arcgis/rest/services/public_presence/MapServer and click on the ArcMap link to download a .lyr file. Open an ArcMap project and click the Add Data button. Navigate to your .lyr file to add it to your project. You can now view and identify these records in ArcMap.

As of April 2019, it seems best to add the individual layers within a service, as this will provide access to that layer's attribute table. For example, use the service https://imapinvasives.natureserve.org/arcgis/rest/services/public_presence/MapServer/0 for public presence point records. In ESRI products you can add these layers by using the Add + button and choosing Add Layer from Web or Add ArcGIS Server. If you have chosen a layer that is only accessible to iMapInvasives users, you will be prompted for your iMapInvasives username and password. Once this is correctly entered, the layer will be added.

For greater step by step detail with screenshots, see our iMap 3 Web Services guide.


Use iMapInvasives Web Map Services to view and identify iMapInvasies records within other mapping platforms such as ArcMap and Google Earth.