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I'm having trouble entering/editing data. What is the problem?


If you are unable to enter or edit data in iMapInvasives, one of the reasons my be due to your user level. Or, your jurisdiction is not a Participating Jurisdiction in the iMapInvasives Network, and only limited features are available in your area. 
As an iMapInvasives user, you will have the ability to edit your own entered records. If you have additional roles such as an Organization Administrator, you will be able to edit your organization's records in addition to those you entered yourself.
If you're trying to edit one of your own records that is a confirmed observation record, this is another reason why you wouldn't be able to edit this information. Once an observation record is confirmed by either the state administrator or a project leader, that record is now locked and uneditable. In order to edit this record, contact your iMapInvasives Administrator and request that the record be unconfirmed so that you can make any necessary edits.  
Another reason may be due to your web browseriMapInvasives functions best when using Firefox, Chrome, or Safari; however, there have been several reports of technical issues experienced when using Internet Explorer to run iMapInvasives. If possible, try to use MIcrosoft Edge and the most recent browser version available when using iMapInvasives.  
For additional assistance when experiencing issues with data entry or editing , please contact your iMapInvasives Administrator.
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