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Weed Information Management System (WIMS) Archives

The Microsoft Access-based, Weed Information Management System (WIMS) was initially developed by the Bureau of Land Management, and then further developed and maintained for many years by The Nature Conservancy (TNC). In 2009, with the closing of TNC's Global Invasive Species Team office, WIMS support and maintenance ended. These archival pages from TNC are served here as a resource for those still using WIMS.  


Individuals using WIMS might be interested in the features and functionality available in iMapInvasives. For information about the iMapInvasives Project and how your state/province can participate, see our "Become Part of the Network" page. Check out the Login page for a list of participating states/provinces, links to public maps, information on how to request a login, and much more.  


Please note: The WIMS archives are not maintained or updated.

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