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Brand New iMapInvasives Homepage Created for Pennsylvania


Posted written on February 21, 2015


For over a year and a half, administrative staff with Pennsylvania iMapInvasives have been working hard to create an on-line homepage that would be a valuable resource for its growing user base. Much time and effort was spent gathering content and photos, formatting the pages, and working with a GIS Specialist to put everything together. 


The project finally came to fruition in February 2015 when Pennsylvania’s iMapInvasives homepage was finally launched!  Highlights of the new homepage include its “Invasive Species in the News” section, the “Gallery of Invaders”, information on “Early Detection & Rapid Response”, and “Be on the Lookout!”  


Overall, the site was designed to be used by both iMapInvasives users and the public alike to provide educational information about invasive species in Pennsylvania and to be a resource on how to utilize the iMapInvasives database.  Please check out the new site here and provide any feedback you have to  Your comments are welcomed. 

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