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Viewing the Map


The map is available for the public to view, it does not require an iMapInvasives account. Species reported in your state/province are chosen by your iMap program, so the public map may not include all the species tracked by your iMap program. In order to see additional information you must request a User login.


When viewing species distributions, please note that these represent data that have been submitted to iMapInvasives. Absence of data does not always indicate absence of the species.


To view the map go to the iMapInvasives login page and scroll to your state of interest.


Map 3 thumbnail.JPG

Along the top of the page there are five buttons that can be selected to find additional information including: Login, Find Record, Filter Records, and Identify/Measure.


map buttons.JPG

Login:  Goes to the sign in page for iMapInvasives where existing users can login and new users can request a login. 


Find Record: Allows the public to look for a confirmed presence record by the record id.


Filter Records: Allows the public to search for confirmed presence by species.


Identify/Measure: This button allows you to draw an area (polygon) or distance (line) to identify the records in that location.  After an area is defined, you can "see what's here" and view the basic details of each record.  

Close Layers:  This button collapses the layers on the upper right corner of the map.



right Legend.JPG

After you have received your iMapInvasives account

right logged in toolbar.JPG

As a registered individual iMapInvasives user, you will have more tools available to you. Along the top of the map, six buttons will appear for your use.  As a registered iMapInvasives user, in addition to the tools mentioned above, you will be able to create a record and export data.

Create Record:  Allows the user to add Presence, Not Detected, and Search Areas records.  

Export Record:  Allows the user to export spatial data.  The available data types are geodatabase (gdb), shapefile (shp), or CSV.  


To view the map go to the iMapInvasives login page, and scroll to your state of interest.

Zoom to an area on the map:

There are several different ways to zoom to a specific area on the map, these include:

zooming in.jpg

A. Use the + and - buttons.

B. Hold Shift while using your mouse to drag a box around the area that you want to zoom to.

C. Use the identify/measure tool to define an area or distance to zoom to.

Adjust the map view:

iMapInvasives uses ESRI maps for the map interface. By expanding the Change Basemaps in the right panel of the map, you can change the view of your map.  Use the scroll bar to scroll through the options.

Base map.JPG

View Species Distributions:

iMapInvasives uses hexagons to represent the distribution of invasive species records, when zoomed out.   


Print a map:

Once you have your map set to the desired view (appropriate zoom, species distributions, basemap and overlays) a map can be printed by selecting the print in your browser.

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