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Organizations in iMapInvasives

Joining an Organization in iMapInvasives allows users to collect data for an agency or group. All records created by your organization's members will be labeled with your organization, and administrators for that organization will have additional access and permissions with their organization's data.

What are the benefits of having my organization in iMapInvasives?


Organizations in iMapInvasives have many benefits. This includes allowing project and organization members to affiliate their invasive species observations with your organization by submitting presence, notdetected and treatment records to iMapInvasives. Organization administrators have editing privileges and can add, edit and delete observations submitted through their organizations. Organizations are also able to export all data into different file types for further analyses or reporting purposes.

To request the addition of a new Organization in iMapInvasives:

Who should be members for my organization?


Members of your organization have additional privileges, including being able to see treatment record details and report treatment records to your organization. We suggest that members of organizations consist of staff, while members of projects associated with your organization can be volunteers and the public.

Please see the Organizations in iMapInvasives PDF for more information.


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