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Uploading Data



Data can be submitted for bulk upload to your state or province’s iMap Data Administrator. Check with your administrator to see if he or she has any specific requirements or an existing template for submitting bulk data. Generally, data is accepted in several formats including Excel spreadsheet, Access database, shapefile, or ESRI Geodatabase; however, each iMap program has its own protocols. Observations, assessments, surveys, and treatments can be bulk uploaded into iMapInvasives.


For observation records, at a minimum, provide your data administrator with the following information for each record you are submitting:


WHO: iMap requires the name of the person who observed the species and his or her associated organization.

WHAT: The scientific name of the species that was observed, preferably matching the scientific name listed on your state/province species list.

WHEN: The date the species was observed.

WHERE: X and Y coordinates indicating where the species was observed. These can be Lat/longs, UTMs or another system, but you must provide your data administrator with the datum and projection of your coordinates.


In addition to the minimum information listed above, the User may choose to provide additional information. Note that if you choose to provide this information, it can be seen by Level 1 users. Additional information may include:


Unique ID from the original dataset: if each record has a unique identification number from the original dataset, let your data administrator know to include that so the records in iMap can always be associated back to the records in the original dataset. Including a unique ID is highly recommended. Universally unique IDs are even better - see


Comments about the observation: A comments field may be populated with up to 255 characters. This can include any additional information that does not fit in the Who, What, Where, When fields, e.g., “large patch” or “mixed with native plants”.


Site Directions: General or specific directions about the site that would be helpful to land managers using iMap data.


Project ID: If your data is part of an existing project in iMapInvasives, include the project name. If you want to create a project, see the Projects section of this manual.


Upload of polygon records (assessments, surveys, treatments) is more complex and process steps may vary by iMapInvasives program. Contact your iMap Data Administrator for information on how to proceed.

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