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iMapMobile App


The iMapInvasives mobile app (iMapMobile) is available from Google Play and the Apple Store for reporting invasive species observations from your device to iMapInvasives online. iMapMobile helps you report invasive species locations to your online account by using your mobile device camera and GPS while in the field. You need to have an active iMapInvasives account for a participating state or province for observations to sync. To create your free account, visit


This program is designed to work on Android and Apple devices. The following information may assist you in maximizing the usefulness of the program. If you have any questions, please direct inquiries to: or your state iMapInvasives administrator. 

This page is currently under construction, please feel free to view our iMap Mobile App flyer for information about setting up and using the mobile app in iMapInvasives 3.0.

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