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What is iMapInvasives?


iMapInvasives is an invasive species reporting and data management tool that is on-line and map-based. It was developed through a partnership between The Nature Conservancy, NatureServe, the New York Natural Heritage Program, and the Florida Natural Areas Inventory, with many other collaborators.


The primary focus for iMapInvasives is to track invasive species locations and management efforts. iMapInvasives tools can be used by citizen scientists, land owners, natural resources managers, and others who are working to prevent, control, or manage invasive species. The project works with groups, institutions, and state government to gather data on aquatic and terrestrial invasive species, prioritize invasive species control, and assist in the restoration of natural habitats. Project information is used to analyze data gaps and prioritize survey efforts, create emerging invasive species watch lists, and publicize invasive species threats.


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