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How do I find out what user permissions I have and how can they be changed?

When you first sign up for an iMapInvasives account, you will have Basic User permissions. Additional permissions can be gained by joining an organization or project, or requesting additional jurisdiction-level permissions. See our User Roles Overview for a guide to the most common types of user roles.

To learn what your current user permissions are, login to iMapInvasives and open the menu by clicking the leaf icon in the upper left. Choose Your Account to open your account profile page.

Additional roles and permissions can be gained by requesting to join an organization or project, or requesting jurisdiction-level permissions through your User Profile. These requests will be reviewed by the administrators for each project, organization, or jurisdiction.
In order to update or increase your user permissions, many iMapInvasives administrators require their users to obtain additional training. Please contact your iMapInvasives administrator to receive information on upcoming training opportunities.
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