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Can I download all the iMapInvasives data?

No, downloading the complete dataset is not available. However, logged in users can download a maximum of 10,000 records at a time. This limit is set to minimize the drain on resources and prevent the system being bogged down by large requests. iMap will attempt to export all the records from all layers displayed on the map, so try zooming in and filtering records to get below the 10,000 record limit. 


If you need a large amount of data, you can either perform multiple smaller exports, or contact your iMap administrator to request a custom export. Data sharing agreements among each states' or provinces' data partners may differ widely, so each program must review data export requests to be sure they are meeting these agreementsIn addition, some records stored in iMapInvasives have additional privacy or data sensitivity concerns. These records are not available to all iMapInvasives users.

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