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Why can I view and create records for a species in some places but not others?


iMapInvasives allows for each participating jurisdiction to curate its own list of tracked invasive species. Some species are native to one part of the iMapInvasives Network but invasive in others, such as the American Bullfrog, which is native to the southeast US but is invasive in Oregon and other western states.
In addition, jurisdictions that are not active participants in the iMapInvasives Network only have access to a smaller list of invasive species that are not native to the US or Canada. Having some species available throughout the system allows all users to see what iMapInvasives is like, regardless of whether or not their jurisdiction is participating in the network, and at the same time allows iMapInvasives to collect information on important invasive species throughout the US and Canada. When a new jurisdiction joins the Network, they can then add to or remove species from this list to customize their tracked species list.
If you're curious what species are included in the network-wide species list, you can learn about them at our iMapInvasives: USA and Canada iNaturalist Project.
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