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iMapInvasives Raises Awareness in the Early Stages

Update written by Beryl Wait, Saskatchewan Invasive Species Coordinator

June 2017

The recent arrival of this species into the central prairie provinces and the visible effects of its voracious appetites on lilies has led to a heightened awareness and concern of the impacts invasive species can have on native plant popluations. This beetle attacks true lilies, which includes Lilium and Fritillaria, and has the potential to decimate native lily populations such as the Western Red Lily (Lilium philadelphicum var. andinum) which is the floral emblem of Saskatchewan.

Red lily leaf beetle (Liloceris lilii).

Photo credit: Lisa Tewksbury, University of Rhode Island,

In Saskatchewan, iMapInvasives has partnered with members of the South Saskatchewan Lily Society to report and track the occurrences of the Red Lily Leaf Beetle (Lilioceris lilii).

Concerned lily lovers are utilizing the Saskatchewan iMapInvasives database through public email submissions and individual user accounts to document the advance of this pest in the province as well as provide links on information to control and prevent their spread.

Saskatchewan provincial flag

Population of Western Red Lily and close-up of Western Red Lily.

Photo credit: Beryl Wait, Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre


Confirmed Red Lily Leaf Beetle locations as of June 2, 2017.  Data shown is provided by the Saskatchewan iMapInvasives Database.

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