What is iMapInvasives?


iMapInvasives is an on-line, GIS-based data management system used to assist citizen scientists and natural resource professionals working to protect our natural resources from the threat of invasive species.

**iMapInvasives 3.0 is live!** If you had an account in the previous iMapInvasives system, to log into the site for the first time you will first need to reset your password. Visit https://imapinvasives.natureserve.org/imap/login.jsp and choose Forgot Password and follow the instructions. Note that your iMapInvasives username is now your email address. For more information on getting started, please refer to How to Sign In to iMapInvasives for guidance.

Development is ongoing and additional features will be coming in the following months. This website will be updated steadily to provide updated materials for iMapInvasives 3.0. Check our User Manual and Help Documents for information on iMapInvasives 3.0.

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Candlestick Plant

Scientific name: Senna alata The candlestick plant Invades forests, forest edges, humid ravines, riverbanks, woodlands and grasslands. It forms extensive root systems in its first year and competes for space and nutrients. Its large leaves shade out most native plants and it is known to be particularly aggressive in areas where there is a high water table. (NRCS) Photo credit: © Keith A. Bradley / Flickr

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