Treatment Record


A Treatment record is a polygon outlining an area where one or more invasive species were treated and stores the details of the treatment event (goal of treatment, treatment method, organization, crew time and costs, weather conditions, etc). A single treatment record can include several target species, and must be associated with at least one observation record. Users Level 6 and higher will be able to enter treatment data.


Creating a Treatment

Prior to creating a new treatment record, you will first have to create the associated observation record(s) and/or identify the observation ID of each observation record associated with your treatment record.


From the My iMapInvasives page, click the Treatment link under the Enter Data box.



Once you choose to create a treatment record, the first step is to map the polygon to represent the area that was treated. Refer to Creating a Polygon for instructions on how to draw the polygon representing your treatment area.


Once you have drawn your polygon, use the drop-downs and field to fill in treatment information (required fields are highlighted in pink).


In the Targeted Species box, click on all species that were targets for this treatment. List any associated observations records in the the Observations Affected box, separated by commas and a space after the comma. Be sure to use the ID field as it appears in the iMapInvasives tables (e.g., OR-2781, OR-1062U). If you have not yet created observation records you can put a placeholder here and update it later.


Choosing a Treatment Type reveals specific data fields associated with each type of treatment. For example, selecting “Barrier” reveals the following fields:

Each Treatment Type has its own set of fields. You can only choose one Treatment Type for each iMapInvasives Treatment record, so if you used multiple types of treatment at one site you will need to create multiple treatment records.


Further down on the form are many additional fields which can be revealed by clicking the “Additional Fields” heading, then opening each section by clicking on its heading. All of these are optional fields.

Click the “Update Treatment” button at the bottom of the page to save your record. If you are entering detailed information into a record, you may want to click this button to save your work, then re-open it and continue editing.



Editing a Treatment

Treatments can be edited at any time by the person who created the record, unless it has been deleted by an iMapInvasives Administrator.



Viewing and Querying Treatments

Refer to Viewing and Querying Advanced Records for instructions on how to view treatments created by you or another user.



Downloading Treatments

You can download a geodatabase of treatments that you have entered or for which you were an observer, or for your projects if you are the designated Project Lead. If you are a Level 9 User, you will also have the option to download data for your geography.


From the iMap home page, scroll down to the section titled “My iMapInvasives Data” and the parameters of the survey data you would like to download. The file will be provided as a file geodatabase (.gdb), which can be opened in several GIS programs including ArcGIS, Garmin BaseCamp, and qGIS.


See the Downloading Data section of this manual for further information about data download and iMapInvasives Terms of Use.