A project in iMapInvasives has two basic functions:

  • A way to organize observation, survey, treatment, or infestation management data into a group that can be easily searched or downloaded. Examples include tracking data collected for a specific season of field work or for work on a specific grant.

  • A way for multiple agencies to submit and share observation, survey, treatment, or infestation management data for a common initiative.


While one user will be the Project Lead, any other iMapInvasives users can be added to the project regardless of their organizational affiliations. Users that are listed as project members can enter data for the project, but are confined by their user level in the type of data they can enter (i.e., users with Level 2 (or higher) access can add observation data to the project, users with Level 4 access can enter survey data, etc). Learn more about User Levels.  The Project Lead can download all this data and redistribute to project partners, if desired.

Creating a Project


Login to iMapInvasives at  If you do not have an iMapInvasives account, fill out the “Sign Up” form to create one.


Open the Dropdown Menu on the home page by left clicking your mouse button or track pad.  This icon is located at the upper left corner of the Map screen.


Click the record in the table to open the project’s information and make edits.

On the Project Details screen, you can change the project name, description, project date, comments, and add or remove organizations and project members. You cannot change the project lead – if this is needed, contact the Data Administrator.


Click in the Partner Organizations box or the Project Members box to add new users to your project. Click the Update Project button at the bottom of the screen when you are finished.

Assigning Records to a Project


When entering observation data online, you can choose if you are entering this observation for a project. If you are listed as a Project Member for any projects, you will see the Project Names in the drop-down. Select the project you wish to associate with the observation.

You will have similar options for the other record types - the survey, treatment, and infestation management data entry forms also have a drop-down list of your projects. You must fill in the project field for these records to be associated with your project.


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Querying for Project Data


To view observations from your project, click “Custom observation query” from the iMapInvasives home page.


In the Custom Query screen, scroll down in the Criteria section to the Project drop-down. Choose your project of interest, then click one of the Results buttons at the bottom of the query window to view your results in a table, report, or on the map.

To query for survey, treatment, and infestation management data that has been associated with a project, use the query screens for each of these three record types. These screens can be accessed from the Data Management tab. After selecting the data type you’d like to search under, click on “Custom Data Query” for the ability to search by a project name.

Each of these custom query options provides a Project drop-down list. Choose the appropriate project name and then click View in Table or View on Map to see the results.

If you wish to download advanced records (survey, treatment, or infestation management) that are associated with your project, see Downloading Data for more information.

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