Infestation Management Record


Where invasive species are being actively managed, there can be many observations, assessments, surveys, and treatments recorded over the course of many years for the same site. The Infestation Management record provides a way to tie together all this information about a managed infestation over time. This creates a standardized trail of documentation about how and why the infestation is being managed and the overall outcomes of management with links to all the detailed associated records. If management is successful, and the infestation is considered eliminated, the symbol on the map for the infestation record will indicate it is eliminated. This record type is also useful for grouping multiple observations of one species into distinct populations.

Creating an Infestation Management Record

The Infestation Management Record (IMR) is represented by a polygon that groups together all the associated data records for a population of a particular species. The user will define the species of interest and draw a polygon that will group all the related features (observations, assessments, treatments, and surveys) on the map. The user fills in the appropriate data fields (Basic and Advanced) to create the base record. As management progresses, the user returns to the record to update the Infestation Status, which creates a log to view the overall infestation history. As new treatment, survey, and assessment records are created for this infestation over time, they will be automatically added to the IMR.


To create an IMR, click on the “Infestation Management” link under Enter Data from the home page. If you do not see this option, contact your Data Administrator to increase your account access to user Level 7.


Step 1. Select the species being managed.

After a species is chosen, a map appears that shows all iMap data related to your species:

Step 2. Zoom to the infestation location and draw polygon on map

Refer to Creating a Polygon for instructions on how to draw the polygon representing your infestation management area.


The IMR polygon should overlap relevant points or polygons in order to be included in the record.

Step 3. Enter data in Basic and Advanced Infestation Fields.

Pink highlighted fields are required, and many additional fields are available. Click the Advanced Infestation Fields arrow to expand and see more categories.

Step 4. Save base record – Click “Save Infestation Management Record”

Please be patient while the database creates your record.

Step 5. Update Infestation Status – Add and Save updates in Status Change Table

Don’t forget this step! This is a way to record changes in the infestation management over time, and determines the symbology on the map. Please select an initial infestation status when first creating the record, and then come back to update the status as needed.

Updating an Infestation Management Record

Infestation Management Records can be edited at any time by the person who created the record and the Lead Contact, unless the IMR has been deleted by an iMapInvasives Administrator. Be sure to hit the “Save Infestation Management Record” button at the bottom of the page to save changes.



Viewing and Querying Infestation Management Records

Refer to Viewing and Querying Advanced Records for instructions on how to view infestation management records created by you or another user.