Assessment Record



Assessment data is a way to describe the species population at an observation point. By completing an assessment record you will draw a polygon around the area of infestation and give some information about the location such as disturbance, number of organisms or percent cover for plants, and whether follow-up is needed at the site. Users Level 3 and up can enter assessment data. The data fields available in assessments include information specific to the type of invasive species observed (terrestrial plant, insect, aquatic plant, aquatic animal, etc.).

Creating an Assessment

Assessment data is tied to an observation point. You must first create an observation; then you will have the option to add assessment data. Start with the Observation Data Entry link.


Go through the steps for Creating an Observation

Once submitted, click the Submit Assessment button to add assessment data for this observation.

If you do not want to submit an assessment now, you can create one from the detailed observation record as long as it is “unconfirmed”. Once the observation has been confirmed by the iMap Administrator, you will no longer have the option to add an assessment. The below screen image shows the Related Records area of an Observation record, where you can click to enter an assessment for an Observation you already entered.

Assessments can be edited after the observation has been confirmed, so you can create an assessment record now and fill in the details at a later time if you like.


Once you choose to create an assessment, the first step is to map the polygon (area of infestation). Refer to Creating a Polygon for instructions on how to draw the polygon representing your assessment area.


Once you have drawn your polygon, use the drop-downs and fields to fill in assessment information; required fields are highlighted in pink.


Some fields can have multiple entries, such as Plant Maturity. Click all that apply (note the scroll bars that show there are more options available, as depicted in the image below). The image below is from a terrestrial plant assessment; the fields in other assessment types may be different

When finished, click Update Assessment to submit the record.

Editing an Assessment

Assessments may be edited as long as they have not been deleted by an iMap Administrator. If you are revisiting a site, please create a new assessment to reflect the current conditions rather than editing an older record. In this way you and others can track changes over time.



Viewing and Querying an Assessment

Refer to Viewing and Querying Advanced Records for instructions on how to view assessments created by you or another user.



Downloading Assessments

You can download a geodatabase of assessments that you have entered or for which you were an observer, or for your projects if you are a project lead. Otherwise, due to iMapInvasives Terms of Use, other Users’ data is view-only to users of the iMapInvasives site.


From the iMap home page, scroll down to the section titled “My iMapInvasives Data” and choose the assessment type from the Assessment Data drop-down. The file will be provided as a file geodatabase (.gdb), which can be opened in several GIS programs including ArcGIS, Garmin BaseCamp, and qGIS.


See the Downloading Data section of this manual for further information about data download and iMapInvasives Terms of Use.