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What is a Participating Jurisdiction?

The full suite of iMapInvasives features and functionality is only available to jurisdictions that have joined the iMapInvasives Network to become a Participating Jurisdiction.
Each participating state or province (jurisdiction) in the iMapInvasives network has an organization or agency that serves as the iMapInvasives Administrator for that jurisdiction. The iMap Administrator, together with partners, ensures that key tasks necessary for participation and data maintenance are completed. Examples of key tasks for a jurisdiction's successful iMapInvasives program include the following:
  • Aggregate invasive species data from agencies, organizations, universities, etc.
  • Provide iMapInvasives training to users
  • Review iMapInvasives user permissions requests
  • Review on-line submitted data and confirm when possible
  • Ensure annual iMapInvasives service fee is paid
  • Network with other state/province agencies and organizations
See the list of current jurisdictions participating in the iMapInvasives network.
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